Environment, Social & Governance

Our investment decisions are driven by environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. As a signatory of the internationally recognised United Nation's Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) we demonstrate our long-standing commitment to including ESG factors into our investment decision making and ownership.

CONSTELLATION invests in sustainable niches or companies that have implemented high standards in corporate social responsibility. Our current fund, CONSTELLATION V is invested in three platform companies, all of which have a direct positive impact on global ESG issues: CSR


Healthy Body

Swiss E-Mobility Group


CONSTELLATION has played an integral part in shaping one of Switzerland's leading e-bike retailers, the Swiss E-Mobility Group. Our efforts have put us at the forefront of enabling environmentally friendly mobility in the DACH region. E-bikes are emission-free and their convenient availability incentivises the reduction of fossil fuel-based transportation. They have the potential of significantly reducing traffic congestion in cities and may play an important part in decreasing our need for large-scale parking infrastructure.


Our second portfolio company, CONSTELLATION ACADEMY GmbH, is focused on job market-oriented vocational training for both job market entrants and those changing jobs at all ages. In a time when jobs are disappearing due to automatization, digitalisation and outsourcing, CONSTELLATION ACADEMY GmbH is helping people develop new skills and training, which facilitate their re-integration into the job market. We strongly believe in the positive social impact that our group has on the lives of thousands of people working in disrupted industries.

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Healthy Planet


Building logistics is a relatively new and strongly growing business service segment, which can be applied to various construction sites. Having emerged from the lean construction concept, building logistics is focused on efficient resource and waste management, which minimises the negative environmental impacts that stem from large-scale construction sites. With our third portfolio company, CONSTELLATION Baulogistik GmbH, we are seeking to become the largest provider of building logistics in the DACH region. We strongly believe that reforming our construction sites, by integrating a new governance concept that includes various ESG factors, will drive substantial change within the construction industry for many years to come.