We participate in fast-growing SMEs, which we develop with an active buy-&-build and digital transformation strategy.


In order to build the right CONSTELLATION of Strategy, Finance, and Execution, we address these areas together with entrepreneurs and our extensive network of experts and industry partners. 

Throughout this joint effort, we actively support the entrepreneurs with their growth and succession plans and help them to convert their companies from an owner-led business into an institution.

Our target companies are:

  • based in the D-A-CH Region 

  • generate revenues between EUR 10m and EUR 75m and

  • are profitable


We only invest in service companies across various sectors with a special focus on:

  • Consumer lifestyle & education

  • Business services

  • Financial services and

  • Health care services

Investment Focus
Active Value Generation

We actively support entrepreneurs with the development of their companies to become market leaders with a wide range of support services:


  • Succession planning

  • M&A / buy-&-build strategies

  • Digital transformation

  • Internationalisation

  • Organisational development

  • Network

  • Industry Partners