From Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

Ever since the foundation of CONSTELLATION in 1992, we cooperate at eye level with entrepreneurs, founders, and management. The three squares of our CONSTELLATION logo stand for the three essential elements of a successful business constellation:



Strategy, Finance & Execution 


Effectively supporting in those areas, we solve our clients’ problems by sitting on the same side of the table. Through this method, we gain a more comprehensive understanding of our partner's situation from the entrepreneur's point of view, which leads to mutual understanding and trust. This relationship improves the quality of collaboration and investment decisions.


Rainer W. Fröhlich

Founder & Managing Partner


Supporting Entrepreneurs since 1992

For over 25 years, CONSTELLATION has intensively worked with gifted entrepreneurs all over the world.


CONSTELLATION supports the business planning process and, if needed, actively supports selected entrepreneurs in the day-to-day execution of the business with scalable resources. In addition, CONSTELLATION's Partners and Investors always take personal stakes in the company. As a result, we truly share and act on an eye level with the entrepreneur. This solid and comprehensive relationship helps to build unique companies and provides outstanding investment opportunities for selected investors.


Our investor base encompasses institutional investors, government agencies, several successful industry entrepreneurs, current and former CEOs, founders of technology companies and various prominent families.



Network & Partnerships

CONSTELLATION'S global network is its most valuable resource. Our partners bring to our enterprise considerably more than their business skills and/or their capital. Given our global network, we benefit from the wide range of access and information provided by our partners’ entrepreneurial and managerial expertise, industry contacts, due diligence support, and deal flow.



We actively seek opportunities to work with third parties that provide the highest available value-added. For every situation, we build the most powerful CONSTELLATION by combining our own skills, the power of our networks and leverage from the best available third parties.

>25 Years with Entrepreneurs & Investors
  • CHF 30m fund focused on private & institutional investors

  • Investment criteria:

    • Revenues CHF 10m to 75m

    • EBITDA positive

    • Asset light

    • D/A/CH region

    • Buy-&-build potential

    • Entrepreneur-owned

    • Succession related

    • Digital transformation potential

2017 - 


2014 - 


  • Closed at EUR 120m

  • Buyouts of 5 platform companies with 8 add-ons

  • Since 2016 managed by Ufenau Capital Partners

  • Exits to date: three

2011 - 2014


  • Closed at EUR 25m institutional & private investors

  • Buyout of 3 platform companies with 6 add-ons

  • Exits to date: all

2004 - 2010


  • Invested EUR 35m

  • Private investor group of 40 individuals & family offices

  • 4 deal-by-deal expansion capital investments with asset light  focus led by Rainer Fröhlich

  • Exits to date: three


1992 - 2003
  • Foundation of CONSTELLATION AG by Rainer Fröhlich

  • Focus on entrepreneurs and co-investments with private investors

  • Investing at eye level with entrepreneurs & management