Freienbach, January 2021 – From CONSTELLATION we wish you had wonderful winter holidays despite current times and wish you a great start of 2021. Throughout the past few months, we were able to perform well despite the global impact of Covid-19.

Investment Criteria

CONSTELLATION V focuses exclusively on investments in asset light companies active in fragmented markets in German-speaking Europe (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria) with revenues between CHF 10m – 75m and a two-digit positive EBITDA. CONSTELLATION V invests in entrepreneurial-driven small to medium sized enterprises with established and scalable business models. The add-on acquisitions have flexible investment criteria and each deal is analyzed individually.


In August 2018, we made our first investment and founded the Swiss E-Mobility Group AG, which currently holds Colag AG, Colag E-Mobility GmbH, and m-way AG. In January 2020, we founded our second platform CONSTELLATION ACADEMY GmbH. Its founding company was BBI (Beratungs- und Bildungsinstitut) GmbH in Halle, Germany. In July 2020, we founded our third platform CONSTELLATION Baulogistik GmbH. Its founding company was cpc baulogistik GmbH in Berlin, Germany. We are planning further add-on acquisitions in the sectors of E-Mobility, Education, and Construction Logistics.


Deal sourcing for Fund VI is planned as of 2021. We are actively looking for additional platform companies with similar investment criteria as of fund V.

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