Freienbach, 05th May 2021 – cpc Baulogistik GmbH (cpc), the platform company of CONSTELLATION Baulogistik GmbH (CBG), has acquired Baukon Management GmbH (Baukon). As of 1st April 2021, Baukon was integrated into cpc.

The previous owner has decided to sell Baukon to cpc as part of an asset deal. The aim is to develop the construction logistics business as one company with a single brand identity.

The founder of Baukon, Mike Thomas, has joined cpc as operating director (COO) and will reinvest into CBG. Since Baukon and cpc already developed close business relations in the past, a smooth operational integration was carried out.

The integration of Baukon into cpc will lead to a win-win situation for both parties because of complementary resources and know-how. Baukon will contribute valuable knowledge in terms of system integration and human resources. As a result of the integration, cpc will double its number of employees. On this basis, cpc is in a good position to become the leading provider of construction logistics services in the DACH region.

About cpc Baulogistik GmbH

In July 2020, cpc was acquired as the platform company of CBG. cpc was founded in 2006 and offers a wide range of services within the regions of Berlin and Hamburg, such as supply logistics, waste disposal logistics, personnel logistics, construction site facilities, and logistics planning. CBG is to be developed to the leading integrated construction logistics services provider in the DACH region.

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